Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dude, TeeVee is so 90's

Imagine combining YouTube with Red vs. Blue and way too much time on your hands. You'll get GeeVee. It's a social network video site that allows users to upload their game videos. Amateur game footage was never so... amateur.

Ahh, the niche social content site. Like those cable channels you never watch: you're not interested but you guess someone has to be if they're still on the air. I don't foresee this being a significant trend, you just can't beat the pull of YouTube. When you go niche, you dilute the surprise of exploration and the flavor-injected goodness of variety. You gain the perception of being the place to go to for your niche content. The problem is that this doesn't always work. The eBay clones, you know, the jewelry eBay, the car eBay... all couldn't survive because they were probably too niche. How do you build up a reputation if you only sell one thing every few years? How do you go big if your intention is to be small?

The Internet is a funny place. You can be rewarded for being very specific, covering something that no one else covers or you can be rewarded for being a one-stop shop. Nothing survives in between. Why? I'm not sure.

My theory is that if you're niche, you have to be consistent, like McDonald's fries. A niche site that gets noisy with other stuff is going to fail. Someone else is going to do that other stuff better. My advice to GeeVee (and their users) is to stick with a small menu; maybe just machinama based on Broadway musicals. Now that's a site worth coming back to.

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