Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Search advertising not printing money? Say it ain't so!

In the past few years, you couldn't convince anyone that the cash to online search advertising would slow down. I don't want to use the G word but if you need any proof, just look at that P/E ratio. But alas, there are dissenting voices...

Clickz writes about an Avenue A/Razorfish report that prognosticates that online spend will increase 20 to 30 percent this year, thus, reducing the chunk of pie attributed to search.

Read the article here

Search is effective and not going away. We all love search, but it's by nature, finite. I don't think we're reaching anywhere close to the cap yet but one day... (My guess: late 2008, let's go for November 23).

[Update: I nailed it on this one. Woke up this morning and saw that Google took a beating on the market today. Turns out the finance chief says, 'The party can't last forever' (Ok, I took some creative liberty on that). Read the article here to see what he really said. ]

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