Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heads or Tails, You Lose

Branded Newb Shopping Network Proudly Presents!

The 100th Anniversary Corvette Coin:

This is a once in a lifetime product folks. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Corvette, GM has allowed the production of these limited edition coins. The best part? The freak'n coin lights up! That's right, the headlights actually glow. Buy one now!

Anniversary does not imply annual celebration: First Corvette manufactured in 1953. Product thickness above standard width, the term coin is used figuratively. GM sponsorship only represents a desperate attempt at additional income. Coin is not legal tender though you can probably trade for a six-pack of PBR. Feeling of shame after purchase not included and may require additional shipping and handling.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered this coin & plan to keep it until it can pay for my hopefully lengthy stay at a nursing home........God forbid that I would have to go live with one of my kids!!!! The coins are cool-looking. O.K., I ordered 5 of the things & the additional Corvette 5 coin set with the gorgeous velvet box to store them in. Do I have more money than brains?? I'm always looking for cheap, long-term investments!!!