Friday, January 12, 2007

A matter of perspective

Joystiq has a great post showing snippets of press releases from the three console makers. All three appear to have a success story to tell regarding the holiday season. Just goes to show you, you can say anything in a press release without batting an eye.

To the console maker's defense, I have to say that we don't necessarily have to view the console wars as a zero-sum game (that is, for everyone one person that buys an Xbox, someone else is not buying a PS3 or Wii). We haven't reached that point yet in the industry, the non-gamer popularity of the Wii shows us that. It may be zero-sum in the hardcore gamer element but there's still a whole lot of new consumers you can capture. Let me repeat, this is not a zero-sum game. There's plenty of pie around for everyone. Expanding the industry into all corners of the population and to a wide variety of tastes benefits everyone. It's easy to forget but it's important for our overall growth. Goooo team!


Stanto said...

Ah but a lot of people who buy one console; buy another as they have different features ... :-/

Few people I know who bought a Wii want an xbox 360 too.

Ken said...

Right, multiple console owners also provide evidence that the industry isn't a zero-sum game. I wonder how many of these guys there are though.