Thursday, May 03, 2007

Full Mahna, Let's Roll

After 35 years in complete obscurity, the Mahna Mahna song comes to haunt us in commercial form. For those of us neither dexterous nor quick enough to man the DVR fast forward button, we've been subjected to not one, not two but three ad campaigns using the song within the past year (Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, Saturn and Big Lots). It may come as a surprise to you but apparently, creative guys at ad agencies "borrow" ideas from each other. I know, shocking. Let me be the first to say, stop it. It's embarrassing to the profession that we can't use an original song.

Ok, with that done, let's talk about that DVR thing. This is an open letter to everyone that watches TV with me. No back seat DVRing! You are not allowed to bestow a score at the end of every commercial break. It's my house, therefore, I don't need to hear a single peep if I don't stick the landing. Also, if I feel the need to pause, that's all good too. Got it? Thanks!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

I think beyond all you're saying, it's a full affront to all that is holy (i.e. Benny Hill's use of the song). Poor Benny's probably rolling over in his grave (and slapping the old man on the head).