Friday, May 04, 2007

Losing Faith

I normally don't venture into politics so I hope you'll forgive me for this trespass. The House passed a bill yesterday that basically extends the definition of hate crimes to cover sexual orientation.

The major lobbying group opposing the legislation? Conservative religious groups. You see, some people believe that God does not approve of Adam and Steve. They want to be able to freely condemn homosexuality and mark homosexuals as deviants in our society, not a group that should be protected from hate crimes. The unspoken but general idea is: God hates gays so we should be able to say whatever we want. Replace God with Allah, replace gays with infidels and let me know if there's any real difference between any religiously-generated hate. It's dangerous. But you know, let them say whatever they want in Church.

We are a free country. We should be able to say whatever we want. Thank God this proposed law doesn't appear to change that. It only punishes those that act upon or truly incite hate crimes. The fact is, the opposition is targeting something bigger. This is simply a maneuver to further ostracize those that don't fit into the conservative Christian view of America. It's shameful.

By the way, guess who is threatening to veto the bill? Don't get me started on him.

Good coverage here.

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