Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One is a lonely number

Part 1:
Halo 3 is coming on Sept. 25 (Joystiq). I'm a fan of the first two, like just about everyone else, but I'm not getting a good feel about the third. I think there's an inherent problem with a third installment of any title. The first establishes it as a great game. The second shoulders the responsibility of keeping to the original but adding enough newness to make things interesting. This leaves the third to do what exactly? Add more new stuff and risk moving too far away from the first? Not add enough stuff and get stuck mirroring the experience of the second? Guess we'll find out in a few months.

Part 2:
NextGen covers a single potato chip of a hint on what may be in store with the sequel to LocoRoco, my favorite game of 2006. Also in the story is a snippet on the creator's process to get the original game made. You know, the fact that an innovative game can still be sold gives me decent warm fuzzies. The fact it probably will never be released on the Wii makes me sad. It'll be a PSP and PS3 exclusive with some six-axis goodies. Frankly, I haven't really figured out the six-axis thing. Moving both hands and arms like that is totally unnatural as compared to the very satisfying swashbuckling feeling of using the Wiimote.

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