Monday, March 05, 2007

Maybe More Women Will Buy It

Vibration is coming to the PS3. For a mere $172.5 million dollars, Sony has settled with Immersion on the patent dispute regarding vibrating handheld devices. Bleh. Vibration is overrated. Every time the damn thing goes off, I think about my batteries.

From a business perspective though, this is a sad day for Sony. This payoff says one thing to me, "We don't care to innovate our controllers, we just want to keep up." Couldn't that money have been better spent on some R&D? Do we really need more vibes in our controllers? I really rather have seen some more motion sensing or a really revolutionary controller. Here's a free idea for you: make a controller than can adjust physically, like go from horizontal to gun shaped (transformer style). First one's free, the rest will cost you. I am, afterall, a consultant.

Anyways, it's depressing to me that they're paying so much just to go backwards.

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