Saturday, February 25, 2006

In-Game Marketing

A fantastic article from the trade mag Promotions. Two particular data points popped out at me:

"In 2005, U.S. marketers spent $71 million on video game advertising, according to the Boston-based Yankee Group. By 2009, video game advertising is expected to skyrocket to $561 million"

"More than 40% of gamers respond well to products and services that appear in video games; about one-third said they are likely to buy products and services advertised. Some 57% of respondents said they are open to in-game advertising if it helps reduce the cost of the game."

Advertising always gets a bum rap but almost all forms of entertainment tends to reap major benefits (for consumers and producers) when advertising dollars start coming in. There's definitely a very small sweet spot between too much and just enough. The only way to solve that is to engage our empowered consumers. Today's consumer has more of a voice now than in any other time; the problem is, are we as marketers, listening?

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