Monday, February 27, 2006

My shoulder weights

So here I am, drafting up a little email to some publications informing them about what we're up to. Ok, I'll be honest, it's a total cold call email. Which got me thinking about my earlier comment about looking beyond the marketer. Which then led me to do one of those gut checks that pop up periodically. Meet my shoulder weights:

On one side, there's Ken as marketer but even worse, Ken practically as telemarketer. (This guy has an MBA, not a four letter word, yet)

On the other side, there's Ken as gamer but even worse, Ken as gamer that really believes in this thing. (This guy played Everquest for 2 days straight)

So there you have it, pitchforking and flurrying white feathers on either side as they duke it out.

So the gamer speaks first: I really believe that interactive games are the coolest form of entertainment EVER. I believe that the distribution model, revenue model and content development processes in the industry are currently flawed. Do I believe that what I'm doing now is the right answer? Maybe not the entire answer but we're closer than anyone else is at the moment. (check out: digital distribution, Korean revenue, consumer content development)

The marketer wants his say: I also understand the game (pun intended) that has to be played to get your message out there. At the end of the day, you need to prove the model with real dollars before anything changes. Success breeds imitators and with enough imitation, the industry shifts.

Both sides are valid. The fight goes on.

I'm declaring a detente, we'll see how long it lasts.

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