Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let it out... let it all out. There, there, it'll be ok.

A lot of "healthy" feedback was unleashed today as we got more press coverage. The bad baggage of the brand came out in spades.

Ok, let's face it, Acclaim Entertainment (the old Acclaim, not my Acclaim) disappointed consumers. It's a classic story of when good brands go bad:

A brand is about building trust. Promising and then delivering upon promises. The old Acclaim made a lot of people unhappy (putting it delicately) because not only did it not deliver, it wasn't upfront about it.

When old Acclaim went away, they went away so fast, no one had a chance to let it out. So I'm here to say, let it out people. Let it all out. Tell me exactly how they abused your trust, let you down, or otherwise made you want to pummel something and I promise never to do the same.

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