Friday, October 20, 2006

First time free!

According to the NY Times, the guy that posted threats to bomb football stadiums has been charged with "committing a criminal hoax".

According to AP, via ABC News, "the man acknowledged posting the phony stadium threat as part of a 'writing duel' with a man from the Brownsville, Texas, area to see who could post the scariest threat."

Free speech anyone? OH wait, I remember my civics class... the whole thing about not being able to yell "Fire!" in a building and be protected by free speech. Ok fine, maybe this wasn't that smart. But wait a sec, this guy is charged because he posted something on the Internet. So what about the people that passed this on? Wouldn't that be the equivalent of echoing "Fire!" in said building? Shouldn't they be responsible for some of this? Surely we can take this opportunity to throw all those people in jail, you know, those people that pass on Internet stuff without thinking (Bill Gates will pay you if you forward this message). Can we, can we?!

...he first posted the threats in September and said he re-posted them 40 more times."

Umm, oh ok... nevermind. Throw the book at his stupid ass!

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