Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Am I already a winner?

You Google but do you Blingo?

Blingo is a search engine with a twist. Everytime you search, you automatically enter yourself into a sweepstakes to win stuff like movie tickets and gift cards. Cool concept, makes you wonder, "What has Google done for me lately?"

The story of Blingo got very interesting today. Witnesses describe the following scene: Several vans pulled up in front of the Blingo corporate office. Suspiciously enthusiastic people jumped out, some carrying balloons and others camera equipment. One guy, looking a tad bit more serious than the others brought out a check the size of a convertible Mini. They approached the entrance...

[Ok, that didn't happen]

Blingo was bought by Publisher's Clearing House. Yes, those guys with the big checks and balloons. So what makes this newsworthy?

PCH is old school marketing. The reason they were able to give out those millions is because they basically sold two things: magazines to you and your info to marketers. The first: everyone loves cheap magazines. This part is boring, let's move on.

The second: You could tell a lot about someone from the magazines they read. About to have a kid (Parent), like cars (Motortrend), cooking (Gourmet) or traveling (Conde Nast Traveler)? Every magazine you order gives them a little more information about you. Add that to the ton of info they already have based on your address and you have a very valuable list for marketers. The list is then used to send you offers and, more often than not, you respond to these offers. In terms of marketing tactics, it's grandpa walking to school in the snow, uphill, both ways, barefoot.

Contrastly, Blingo goes to school in a snowflake-white Aston Martin driven by Brad Pitt. Search marketing is the new evolution of selling magazines for info. You immediately know what someone is interested in and you immediately send them relevant offers. No more messy middle ground.

PCH acquiring Blingo is very interesting because it's like your grandfather bringing home a college cheerleader. You're happy for the guy but you worry about his heart. Are they going to be able to bring some solid experience to the Blingo model or will they fall flat on their face trying to play in this new world of direct marketing? This is one to watch.

via MarketingVox

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