Friday, July 21, 2006

Bonus points if you touch it

This is one of those "I'm archiving stuff so this is not really written to be enjoyed" posts.

Massive, Anarchy, Yaris in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g.
First comes ads,
Then comes game-age,
Then comes Yaris with some touch-me signage.
Massive to serve dynamic & interactive billboards in Anarchy Online for the Toyota Yaris. Interact with the billboard and you get more info on the car. Not quite as enjoyable as machine gunning the billboard to spell out "Nissan Rules!" but whatever keeps the game free.

Know what might be cool? Have a mini-game in the billboard. Maybe if I snipe something off the billboard, I get a coupon. Or the billboard is a map that'll lead me to a leprechaun, who will then grant me a wish. Here's my favorite, I touch an appropriate billboard and a sim of Ron Popeil pops in and hands me a "+4 Leather Cutting Knife of Unbreaking". Better yet, he hands me "Self-Targeting Grenades" - Just set it and forget it! Schweeeet!

Don't worry, I'm joking... mostly. And yes, I butchered the kissing rhyme but when was the last time someone actually enjoyed the original?

via Mediaweek

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