Sunday, March 18, 2007

Google AdScape buy confirmed

Google confirmed Friday that they bought in-game ad firm AdScape, opening the door to Google entering the in-game advertising industry. I posted about this back in January, when it was still unconfirmed. What's interesting is that between then and now, nothing significant has happened in the in-game ad space. No new deals, no big announcements of partnerships or successes, nothing even worth a fanboy's cry of "I heyt in-game ads".

I'm wondering if everyone's quietly making boatloads of money or briskly shaking hands and working on deals. Regardless, I'm starting to wonder if 2007 won't be when we see in-game ads hit full stride. Perhaps this is the year that the partnerships between developers, advertisers and ad networks (such as Google) begin to solidify and it'll take another development cycle before we see any games that result from these deals.

Hey... is anyone talking to the consumers?

via Reuters

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