Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I bet Master Chief smells dreamy

Similar to slapping movie characters on cereal boxes, Mountain Dew has licensed the Halo 3 title for a new beverage: a limited edition "red-hued, citrus-cherry-flavored" highly caffeinated Mountain Dew. Apparently, you'll need all that caffeine to finish describing it. The bottle proclaims it to be "Game Fuel". Hmm, one wonders how the prospective brand managers pitched this to their companies...

*Mountain Dew Offices, Morning*
Dew Brand Manager - "This makes sense for us, the demographics of the Halo 3 target aligns perfectly with ours. In addition, the expected brand lift and immediate sales of the product should provide positive return on the campaign. We expect a residue lift in sales for the entire brand well into the new fiscal year."

*Meanwhile back at Bungie's office*
Halo 3 Product Manager - "Money! Money money money! Did I mention money bitches?!"

You know, as far as product tie-ins go, this does make a lot of sense. The one thing that seems to be missing for me, though, is the extrinsic value of the product. Sure, there's more caffeine in it and sure it's branded with my favorite game but would I as a consumer really start drinking or drink more Dew because I can stare lovingly at Master Chief while doing so? You know, this may have worked when I was 7 and screamed bloody hell at the grocery store when I didn't get a product with my favorite character on it. I'm not so sure it has the same pull to someone who can just as easily throw down a few Red Bulls.

Where's the sweepstakes? Where's the loyalty points? What do I get out of it? Frankly, I don't see this promotion having any legs unless there's something more than the co-branding.

"Did I mention money bitches?!"

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