Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pop pellets faster than Anna

The Pac-Man World Championship begins next week. Yeah, I'm talking about that "wakka wakka" game and yes, I did say next week. It's retro time folks. Go ahead and give your pants a double cuff roll, we're electric sliding back into the 80's.

Don't want to go back? Yeah, me neither but apparently some people think it's a good idea. These include:

  • The Xbox Live Arcade which will host the Championship
  • Quiznos, which is sponsoring and will give out boatloads of sandwiches to the winner
  • The worldwide idiots shelling out $5 worth of Xbox Live points to enter the tourney
I can't tell which connection to Pac-Man is more ridiculous, the next gen hardware maker trying to leverage a 20 year old game, the sandwich maker trying to squeeze between two slices of "cool" or the middle-aged gamers trying to "school" those kids spoiled by over-hyped "grafix".

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Anonymous said...

I have only a meta comment: Best blog post title ever! I LOL'd.