Thursday, April 12, 2007

Productive citizens play to farm, not have fun

BBC reports that China is making their online game providers limit the time that kids under 18 can play online games. This will be done by slowing progress (such as points) after three hours. After five hours, you don't progress at all and you get nagged with an on screen warning. This is, of course, to combat the growing problem of game addiction in China.

You know, they might be on to something. I don't agree with the government tinkering with game access but I do think that parents might find this interesting. In general, parents don't have many options when dealing with kids and games. It comes down to an on/off decision. Would be interesting to see parents given the ability to punish creatively.

  • Your gold is mine until you clean up your room!
  • You're grounded and I'm taking away AOE spells from your mage!
  • I've set you for only 2 rezzes this weekend, good luck out there champ!
Oh boy, my kids are gonna be sooo screwed.

By the way, traveling again today and tomorrow. Be back weekend-ish or so.

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