Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm all over that TPS report

In a survey of 1,000 adults, half play online games during work with an average playing time of 15 minutes. From the article:

More than six out of ten said that playing online games help them deal with stress, while 47 percent believe it helps their creative thinking.

One in five have been caught by their supervisors, while 13 percent admitted playing during a conference call.

For some reason, I get a lot of satisfaction from this data. We work too damn hard in this country and thank god at least half of us take aside some time for gaming.

I recommend Poppit.

via Washington Post


Karl Castaneda said...

Because just about everything is blocked on my school's computers (Branded Newb isn't though, and so I read it every other morning), I don't get much gaming done, which is why my portables come in so handy. Whether it's some Mario Kart on my DS or a Tetris power-hour on my cell phone, I think I game at school almost as much as I do at home.


Ken said...

Branded Newb: Choke full of educational goodness. And now with extra nuts!

Hey, you want me to imbed some games at the Newb? I can totally hook you up with the goods.

BTW... Tetris power-hour: best game show name EVER!

Karl Castaneda said...

Nah, there's actually an arcade site that works on my school computer - it's basically got 50% of the stuff you find on Newgrounds, so there's quite a bit. I just can't get into arcade-y PC flash games. The problem is that you can't install software on non-administrator accounts, so goodbye real games. It sucks, too, because a couple of years ago this wasn't in effect, which pretty much meant Unreal Tournament ALL THE TIME.

Those were better times...

If I ever run into some extra cash I'll set up one of those mobile internet accounts and just start bringing my MacBook to school.

As for Tetris Power-Hour, that patent's pending, so hands-off, pal.