Monday, November 27, 2006

Death and something else

(Some post-tryptophan catching up)

According to the nice folks at, a law is moving through the Korea government that will attempt to ban RMT. Except there's a problem. There's a giant loophole in that it covers in-game points and money but not in-game items. Without closing the loophole, this basically makes the law ineffective. The market will quickly and effectively select an in-game item as a trading device. The seller will just buy the Giant Bag of Crap +1 for 1,000 gold, sell the Giant Bag of Crap +1 to the buyer for $50, then buyer will resell Giant Bag of Crap +1 for 1,000 gold. Result: Law pwned.

So I'm wondering, why the loophole? They're working on an amendment for early 07 to address in-game items but they could easily just ban it with this law. So I started thinking about this and my cynical side kicked in. Taxes.

I'll bet anyone $.01 that when "early 07" comes around the new law regulates in-game item sales as well as adds a nice tax element.


Karl Castaneda said...

Hey Ken, long time no see!

As the digital realm and the real world continue to meld, I think it's only a matter of time before we see Cyber-Cops, government-backed characters able to enforce the law in online games.

Sounds like Sci-Fi, doesn't it?

Ken said...

May I refer you to this Branded Newb post from July: