Friday, November 17, 2006

Reading this article will sign you up for MSN

Happy PS3 Day!

Like a good blogger, I've been scanning the news. Nothing interesting, just what you'd expect. People camping, trampling each other, selling their first born, you know, that kind of stuff. And then, like a menorah under a Xmas tree, comes this article: "If you're shopping, remember the Xbox360" brought to you by MSNBC (you know, the joint press venture between Microsoft and NBC?).

Excuse me sir, you seem to have dropped your journalistic integrity.

As you would expect, the article reads like an ad for the 360. If you haven't had lunch yet and you feel like throwing up a little, go for it.

Shame on you MSNBC!


MrVorhias said...

BOY you have low standards if that's all it takes to denounce a newscast.

Who CARES if MSNBC mentioned the XBox 360 and not the PS3.

Allow me to pop the bubble of fanboyism ignorance by telling you that it's NOT a big deal. It's NOT.

Ken said...

Actually, it's not fanboyism, it's strictly a commentary on MSNBC. It's an ad hidden in an article and that's embarrassing for a news organization.