Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't vote

What's the point? There's 300 million of us and surely someone else will take the slack. We voted last time and look at the idiot that ended up in office. And to those people that say it's your "duty". Well, look Mr. Righteous, it's not like we're NOT voting these days. We vote for singers, dancers and people on islands or something like that. What happens? They lose anyways. We vote religiously for briefcase #4 and it's always either #2 or that damn #6. We vote for Chinese and everyone freak'n wants Italian. Voting is an exercise in disappointment. Why bother?

It's not like your voice will be heard. It's not like collectively, things will actually change. The decisions have already been made, don't you know? There's a group of old dudes in a room running this country. It's funny because ironically, they vote amongst themselves. Ok, maybe not ha ha funny, but it's funny, trust me. Anyways, things have been decided man, they know what's gonna happen because they make it happen. They like it when we vote cuz they keep track of where we all live. They're tracking you right now dude so don't vote!

Finally, you know all that talk about voting and freedom and that lovely hand-holding run through a field of flowers they do? It's all marketing man. We're not free. We're padlocked in a cage built by the stupidity of the majority. Repeat after me, people are stupid! And you put em all together collectively and they're as smart as that stuff that builds up behind the couch. No, you don't want any of that. Freedom is to avoid the idiocy of the masses. Don't do it, you hear me? You don't want to actually agree with anyone because the moment you do, forget about enlightenment or self-awareness. Mooo! Mooooo!!


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