Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random chart of the day

This Technorati chart shows daily posts in the blogosphere with informative highlights on days with something interesting going on in the world. It's all very interesting but what the hell happened in mid-September last year?
Analyst Opinion: September 2005 saw an increase in the phenomenon we call, "Sorry, I'm too lazy to post." This lasted approximately a month topped off by a dark Wednesday that industry insiders called "meh"day. During this month, hurricane Katrina struck and the collective blogosphere said (paraphrased): "oh damn, better say something about that." Which was followed by another period of meh. Early October saw a spike in posts commonly referred to as the, "I'm back!"

As for myself, I didn't start blogging till Feb 06. After the coal miner accident, I just couldn't stay away any longer.

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Stanto said...

September is when:
People start university
People start school
Teachers go back to wokr

So what we're perhaps seeing here is that most people on the internet are students of some form, or teach them. Makes sense to me.