Monday, November 06, 2006


Seldom does a game ad, or any ad for that matter, make me proud to be in advertising. There are rare exceptions and I think the ad below is one of them.

I'm immediately taken back to the days when flying was a reality and "I totally got you because I said bang before you!" Those were the days when play wasn't compartmentalized into how many drinks you had or how many vacation days were left. Play happened spontaneously and ended with either sunsets or bloody knees. You lived to play and the sheer pleasure of it was so intense, you never bothered to take stock.

We don't play like that anymore but we all want to. We yearn to get into the dirt and get dirty; the kind of dirty where the tub runs brown as you shower and you rejoice. We crave running and chasing each other with no pretension or point. Points are stupid.

This ad says, you can still do that. Maybe not out on the streets but it's all in this box, this Xbox. Fire it up and escape. That's powerful stuff.

via Adrants

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