Monday, March 12, 2007

History is written by the high-scorers

via the NY Times

The most erudite top ten list in Gameropolis this year (created via committee of course) was the "canon" (that's a fancy bejeweled way to say "list") grandly known as: The Most Important Video Games of All Time. That's right, of All Freak'n Time!

Three in the list: Warcraft (not world, the OG RTS). Super Marios Bros 3. SimCity.

In this quite serious exercise to gain recognition of games as historical cultural artifacts, we resort to yet another top ten list. I'm going to stick my head in a microwave.


Anonymous said...

It actually is kind enough to say the Warcraft series, rather then just the first one, but I hardly think counting a whole series in a list of Important Videogames is fair, much less credible.

Ken said...

Well, it wouldn't be the game industry if we didn't give kudos to serialized content. Sequels are the kudzu of a Southern landscape, can't live with them, doesn't feel right without them.