Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm right, they were wrong, bite me

In a post last year, I called bullshit on Second Life. Now, less than 8 months later, the buzz has subsided and marketers have all but given up on the medium.

As if the evidence wasn't overwhelming enough, now comes news that even Second Life residents are feeling unsatisfied with marketing in SL. Via MarketingVox, via Brandweek:

"A survey by German research firm Komjuniti reports that 70 percent of Second Life residents are disappointed in the presence that marketers have established in Second Life...

Even more disappointing are shops and outlets set up by brands, subjected to a certain amount of hype - and then all but abandoned. That non-presence presence is leading to frustration among residents looking for a more truly interactive experience."
I think I said it best when I said:
So let's face it, SL is a waste of time for marketers. When the real virtual world comes (and it will), the experiences in SL will provide little value (probably as valuable as logos on Pogs). I'm sure many marketers know this but until they stop looking good posing with the facade, they don't care.
Ok, enough gloating. Time to move on.

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Andrew said...

Nice Pogs reference!