Thursday, January 11, 2007

Agency Needed, Passion for Games a Plus

via Marketingvox and AdWeek, Activision is shopping for a new ad agency. The number two US publisher, known for titles such as Call of Duty, Star Trek, X-men and other licensed properties, dropped their old agency late last year.

This just in, excerpts from the pitch invitation:

Description: Activision is seeking a new ad agency for it's multi-million dollar international account. Candidates should have experience with traditional as well as interactive and emerging media advertising. Innovative creative and strategy a plus but not required. Must be able to effectively translate prior ad campaigns into new campaign on an near annual basis.

Critical to the business is the ability to increase numbers by one integer, ex: Call of Duty 3 to Call of Duty 4. Creative duties include selecting new integer font style that is consistent with historic integer font style but also introduces forward-thinking elements.

Successful agency must be able to take it from behind as well as all sides, this is due to the unique relationship between Agency, Activision, Licensor Partners, and Console Manufacturers. All party opinions must be incorporated into all external deliverables.

Additional Requirements: Agency offices must have decorative surfboards and/or employees with ironic t-shirts.

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