Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just a tad off that's all

Back in July, I made a prediction on the share of console hardware sales for the big three. To save you the click it was:

Wii: 45%
PS3: 30%
360: 25%
Based on reports today quoting from IDC (via, via CNBC) the results from sales in Nov and Dec clock in as:

Wii: 1.8 million units - 40%
PS3: 750 thousand units - 16%
360: 2 million units - 44%

Therefore, I was wrong. SO wrong. Let me quote from the July post:
Last month, I would have put the Wii on top, 360 second and PS3 third in sales coming out of the Xmas season. I'm starting to think it's a good idea to swap the 360 and PS3 positions.
Yup, so very very wrong about the 360 and PS3 swap. By the way, I still think Wii would have won since 360 had the extra two weeks in Nov. (Wii was released late Nov.).

So now that we closed that open post we can move on to making wrong predictions for 07.

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