Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Wii can power a small city!

Headline grabbing is fun. Come with me for this ride where I find a way to make the Wii power a city:

Average calories burned per hour of Wii Sports: 100
(source: POOMA*)

Total number of Wii's sold worldwide: 3,800,000

Average 1 hour game sessions per week per Wii: 5

TOTAL worldwide calories burned per month: 7,600,000,000 (7.6 billion)

Electricity equivalent of 100 calories burned per hour: 0.1163 kilowatt hours
(Online conversion)

TOTAL electricity equivalent of Wii usage: 8,838,800 kilowatt hours (8.38 GWh)

Average monthly electricity consumption of US household in 2001: 887.833 kilowatt hours

TOTAL households that can be powered in a month via one month of global human Wii-power: 9,955.47

That's a small city like Maryville, TN

*POOMA - Pulled out of my ass. Mostly an exercise in educated guessing but still guessing.

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