Friday, January 19, 2007

Be Cute Dammit

Deep down, everyone wants to be cute. We let out choice squeals only when others are around. We do that thing with our noses, the wrinkly thing... no not that one... yeah, that one. We sometimes shake our things like we just don't care when really we do. This is human nature, we can't fight it. That's why marketers, myself included, have jobs. You see, we prey on everyone's human nature like lions to baby zebras.

Take, for example, the Mii's for your Wii. Done right, they're cute. Everyone loves em. But hey, not everyone has a Wii (yet) so what are the Wii-less to do? Get a WeeMee.

Yeah, it's all the goodness of a Mii, without the Wii. It's called a WeeMee. Don't you love coincidences? It's interesting though. Not only does everyone need to be cute, the expression of your personality online has become a connected to your ability to customize better than someone else. In the not too distant future, will we have Customization Specialists just as we have Stylists now?

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