Wednesday, January 17, 2007

That's just not right

Office Depot's new "helping hand" campaign just launched and is about a hand in a box. Oh this is too good. You can pick the response:

  • Hey, Justin Timberlake's people just called. They want to do dinner and a movie.
  • Staple's Easy Button has just filed a restraining order, please stay an arm's length away.
  • The Addams family's "Thing" sells out to the man, proceeds from campaign go to nail salon victims.


Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing when I saw it. Didn't think of "thing" but your totally right.

It really felt like they went to an ad agency and said "make us our own version of the Easy Button!"

Feels like they are trying to hard and they end up looking like fools.

Ken said...

Yup, I'm sure that's eggzactly what they did!

You should check out a site,, they have a cool section showing all these "coincidences" in advertising.