Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bad News for PS3 Owner

The owner, well, that would be me. I opened up my brand new PS3 today. I took about an hour figuring out how to connect the video to my HD TV (via a DVI to HDMI converter cable, had to run to the store to get it) and audio to my receiver (optical cable). Plugged in the ethernet cable and got the sucker online and updated. Ahh yes, success. I leaned back and admired my newly set up PS3. Oh yeah, life is good. Ready to rock and roll, I grabbed my Resistance: FoM disc and slid it into the PS3.

Except there was no sliding. No smooth vrooming sound as the disc disappears into the $600 machine. Nothing. The PS3 wouldn't accept the disc. It hung there like a stale piece of toast; the damn machine unwilling to take a bite.

That's right folks, let me introduce you to my very expensive paperweight, my new Sony Playstation 3.

So I call up customer service. Of course, they make me go through the rounds of turning things on and off and removing things left and right. Finally, they too realize it's broken. While on the phone with them, I Googleshooted my problem and found that this is not the first time this has happened to someone. At least it saves me the trouble of making a video to show you guys what's going on, it's already out there.

So now I wait for a box to ship this paperweight to Sony. Then they ship me back a new PS3 (that we all hope works). The moral of the story? I should have just kept playing with my Wii.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it just hates bad games?

No, only kidding. But, really, this is one of the problems I have with self-feeding electronics, their so likely to F-up, and it has nothing to do with user error. But, to be fair, I should also mention that the PS3 is not alone in this problem - there was a Wii a few weeks ago that practically shot the suckers out whenever a game was put in.

Good luck with getting it fixed, though, it really isn't a half bad system so far, though it really needs some better games, and soon. Did you get any other games with it, or just R:FoM?