Monday, February 05, 2007

Ahoy, izt Monday!

Disney plans to release a Pirates of the Caribbean MMO in perfect marketing sync with the new movie coming out this summer. Now this game shouldn't be confused with the earlier game (at least, I don't think) that completely missed the movie date. The MMO is just that, an MMO. Blah blah, yadda yadda, another game based on a movie. But here's the interesting part... well, at least ot me.

The game will be a free online download. That's right, no retail. On top of that, you can play about a third of the game for free. Oh wait, there's more. To unlock more content, you have to pay a monthly fee (boo!). But surely they couldn't have even MORE relevance to your favorite topics on this blog, could they Ken? Yes, yes they can.

The game will be ad supported (though apparently not in the actual game itself, guess the "Ye Rotgut Rum" brand is out of luck).

I do believe this is a first. Well, a first in regards to names as big as Disney and Pirates of the Caribbean. The whole skipping retail part is the most interesting. Like I've said, the retail model is a dinosaur; a big dinosaur that's looking around going, "What are those big shiny balls falling out of the sky?"

via NZHerald, via my friend Matt (who now has to finally shut up about never being mentioned on the blog). Thanks dude! You're the best!

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