Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You've been granted a new ability!

Playing FPS games can improve your vision. Well, that's according to a new study from the University of Rochester. Now, I'm usually skeptical of all studies because frankly, most studies are to grab headlines and get more fame for the studiers. However, of the information available on this study, which is not a lot, there's not much to doubt or critique. It appears that shooter games do make your vision better.

So let's see... now if we were making a drug ad.

Gamesoxin - If you're suffering from poor vision and overall lack of acuity, relief is in a small box. Gamesoxin, when used as directed, provides a mild boost in vision. Some people taking Gamesoxin have reported an increased ability to spot continuity errors in Star Wars. Please consult your doctor before taking Gamesoxin.

Side effects may include: An unrelenting desire to murder. Weight loss. Weight gain. Diabetes. A schizophrenic fear of an impending zombie invasion. Acne. l33tness. Thumb soreness.

Results may vary.

via Gamasutra

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