Monday, February 12, 2007

Obama's MySpace Page Is A Lie

The most popular (and perhaps most misinterpreted as official) Barack Obama MySpace page is a front for a T-shirt business. Yup, t-shirts. Well, at least that's my theory.

There are already dozens of Barack Obama MySpace pages but this one has the prime url: It's certainly not official, as it plainly states within the page:

(**This profile is intended for informational purposes only. It has not been created and is not managed or endorsed by Senator Barack Obama**)
So this is definitely not official but it has over 35,000 friends and has been quoted in media as the Barack MySpace presence. So is this an innocent fan promoting their favorite candidate?

I don't know. Check out the top 8. Number 5 is "Political". Hmm, interesting. I guess a fan of Barack may want to support the candidate by offering a way for people to get t-shirts. It just seems strangely out of place.

I love the irony of the disclaimer right above the Friend Space. "Please do not spam this profile... All comments which advertise goods or services will be deleted". Well, except for our own?

Click on the PoliticalT-shirts friend image and you get to their MySpace page. Take a wild guess who their first friend is... Yup, Barack. And yup, it's the "barackobama" user.

How convenient is that!? Also, it looks like the T-shirt biz has a few other Barack clone friends. Coincidence? Sure, if you believe in that stuff. I don't.

This may be one of the most clever business ideas I've ever seen. Congrats to you

Update: The moderator of the page emails me to explain and threaten.

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