Thursday, February 22, 2007

Frag That Zombie Donut!!

via Wired, a DVD game teaches kids about obesity (it's a bad thing) and how to avoid it (don't eat like mom and dad). I really really want to be supportive of this. I did a fair amount of teeth gnashing, I sat on my hands while finishing the article and I gave myself the required 10 count. I try to be good, you know, not bash things in every single post. But arrrgh, I can't let this one go!

First of all, a DVD game is hardly an actual game. "Dammit Mom, I wanted a Wii! WTF?! Dubya Frick'n Tee Eff MOM!!"

Secondly, there's this guy:

"Imagine Harry Potter, "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings" all mixed up inside the body and that's "Body Mechanics," said Tony Findlay, the game's Australian creator, who is based in Sydney."
Does that mean something in Australian? I'm not sure I follow.

And finally, there's this:
"The fighting takes place inside the body of Jack Decayd. If Obeez City is not contained, "Jack will die soon," says Neuro, the Yoda-like wise one who narrates the game's story line."
Decayd, yeah... ok then.

I'm sure there's a ton of good intention behind this product but frankly, it seems like a bunch of marketers sat around trying to figure out how to make a quick buck off of parents of fat kids.

Hey parents, how'sa 'bout you teach your kids about obesity? Yeah you. No, not behind you... you!

Let's try regurgitating something with less saturated fats into their tiny beaks. You know, as the breadwinner (wheat please) of the relationship, you do have control over what they eat. You could lead by example, you could...

Ahh hell, who am I kidding? You guys taught your kids about music with Baby Mozart videos. Go ahead and buy them the game. At least they won't be eating while they're playing.

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