Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cool idea eh?

Canadian gym offers exercise equipment connected to PS2's and Wii's. You cycle on an actual machine to get your on-screen race on. From the press release:

"Members at any of the four locations can get fit while having fun on a video dance machine, cycle live against Bulldog members in other facilities, or race against friends (or the computer) using bikes connected to Sony PlayStation 2 consoles and games: their pedaling activates their virtual car in the game, while the handlebars allow them to steer!"
The gym is targeted towards kids but I've been waiting for something exactly like this! Forget the Wii, let's get serious about combining interactive entertainment and physical activity. "I'll see you later, I gotta level up my pecs."

Too bad it's in Canada. Oh well, back to my Cheetos.

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