Monday, September 25, 2006

Hopelessly lame adult

Today, I'm hanging out with my godsisters (my mom is their godmother) who are 7 and 10. We went to Islands for lunch and had some Ben and Jerry's for dessert. We then went to Borders and weaved up and down the aisles, burning up our sugary ice cream high. I was in pretty familiar brand territory until I told the girls to pick out something for themselves. Amanda got a "Naruto" book and Kimberly picked out a "That's So Raven" 2007 calendar. I'm vaguely familiar with the latter and absolutely clueless about the former. I don't want to be a hopelessly lame adult so I decided to ask them a few more things on what they like.

I'm completely clueless to about 75% of their answers. I guess that should be a good thing given that I'm 30 and they're 17 (combined). What was most shocking to me was that they seemed to be consuming things a couple years ahead of what I would guess. A 10 year old surfing Yahoo! videos and listening to Linkin Park? Seems off to me.

Oh god, I'm getting old.


Tien Pham said...

Kids always wanting to be older faster, it's not hard to see young kids craving things intended for older audiences. Be it clothing, music, responibility, etc.

"What's a brand?" poor Ken, and Cheez-Its and Dasani? Did you explain it right and not talk about food?

Ken said...

Re: "what's a brand?"

I suppose I may have been leading the witnesses. The other questions were asked as is.

Karl Castaneda said...

Dude, get the one who likes Naruto Clash of Ninja 2. It's actually a great fighting game that far surpasses what you usually get with an anime license.

For serious, you'll probably want to play it just as much as she does when you see the log trick.


I'm such a damn nerd.

Ken said...

Sweet, Xmas gift ideas at the Newb!