Tuesday, September 05, 2006

McMarketing III

Back in April, I linked to a rather ingenious live action reproduction of a Super Mario Game. (First video below) Then over the weekend, Kotaku posted about an ad by McDonalds (second video below) that appears to be a blantant ripoff of the first video...

Dear creative director of McDonald's ad agency,

I know what you're thinking: "I'm a creative genius! You don't f'ing ask this level of brilliance to copy some stupid college talent show! I can't believe I agreed to this. I should throw myself out the window."

I agree... it needs to be done. But here are several ways I suggest you do it to fully exploit the ironic twist:

  • Dip your head in a fry batter (You're creative but let's just get the obvious out the way)
  • Go on a steady 90 day diet of snackers
  • Put on that t-shirt you love (you know, that witty one) and jeans (you'll want to be comfortable for this one). Climb up to the top of your nearest golden arches with unloaded sniper rifle. Proceed to look mean.
  • Head to nearest McDonalds. Wait in bushes. When a minivan pulls up, preferably one with a ton of kids inside, lay yourself down in front of it. The soccer mom will never look back at that weird speedbump she hit while pulling out.
Please, feel free to select any of the above. For an extra dose of irony, you don't have to even give me credit for the idea, just like your commercial.

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