Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thumb poetry with fries

Back in college, I knew a guy that started his own coffee shop. This wasn't in the golden age of Starbucks so his customers were limited to the area beatniks (I guess they're like emo's now). The guy wasn't exactly a marketing genius but he did do one thing right: He would organize poetry and music events for his core audience. It successfully brought in foot traffic and they all bought gobs of coffee. It was a great arrangement. The customers got a great experience while the coffee shop got sales and brand building.

Now let's trade coffee for fries and poetry for video games and you have this. McDonalds in Texas is sponsoring late night game tournaments at their restaurant locations. Not a bad campaign and not a bad way to spend a night. Feels weird that it's McDonalds but it also makes sense. The company badly needs an injection of cool. For gamers who don't have courts or fields around every corner, a McDonalds will do. Oh yeah, the prizes are nice too. Makes me almost wish I was in TX and better at Guitar Hero.

[update: forgot to add, via Adrants]

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Tien Pham said...

Now comparing a McDonalds to an Internet Cafe... I'm will to at least give it a try. Internet Cafes, well at least where I live, is always full of middle school and high school kids. Most of them either the serious, hardcore, no-fun Warcraft 3 type or the equally serious, hardcore, loud counter-strike type.

Not really a fun group of gamers to play with. That's why I much rather enjoy a LAN party with friends and friends of friends. (Usually due to the broad range of systems present and available, the go to game is Starcraft)