Tuesday, September 12, 2006

PS3 site shoots and misses

Have you seen the European PS3 site? No? Go check it out. I'll be here with my morning joe...

Mmmm, fantastic kopi luwak this morning. Toast is a little burnt though, someone keeps changing my settings. ::sigh:: Where's my nutella?

Oh you're back? How long were you there? Wow, you can be so creepy sometimes.

So what did you think of the site? Got to hand it to them, it's definitely different. The question is, different good or different bad? Overall, I would say bad. Let me know if these thoughts crossed your mind too:

  • Are we selling the PS3 here or are we selling webcams and plasma TVs?
    • Lots of cameras shooting a lot of things but I'm missing the point.
  • What's so special about the PS3? Show me something... anything!
    • What about this "real time" thing? Is this something special?
      • Ok, so you're trying to tell me the PS3 is like boxing with a real person instead of a punching bag. Are you trying to suggest the PS3 has true AI? BS.
  • Are you serious, that's all the games you got to show?
  • You gotta hand it to them for thinking "inside" the box.
  • Bloody hell, you wankers, not until March 07?
  • Why is everything so quiet in this room?
    • Where are the doors? Umm, can I get out now?

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