Saturday, January 13, 2007

Get Your Hands Off My Wii-mail

8 months.

What? Oh, you want context?

8 months; that's the time we have before the Wii spam begins. What is Wii spam? Well, you know the Wii can connect to the Internet... and every Wii has an email address (It's the letter "w" followed by the system's Wii number and Well, unfortunately, that means we are going to be getting spam. It's inevitable.

"But who is going to know my Wii number? I only give it to my friends." you say. Well, true... for now. But in time, someone will figure out a clever way to connect to people via their Wii's. They'll offer us some wicked cool social network thing or some free game cheats or Wii-related daily haikus. All we have to do is sign up online with our Wii number or Wii-mail address. We'll do it too because we can't help but want to feel connected (love me for who I am) and/or get a freebie (in your face, The Man!). As with most things online, the provider will run out of money, sell their list with your precious Wii-mail address on it and the rest is history.

Or... someone will just hack a Nintendo database.

So hey, if you're Wii-ing, go home and enjoy this moment of spam-free bliss. By the way, can I have your Wii number?


Anonymous said...

I'm already getting spam......from Nintendo!!

Anonymous said...

For the idiot that thinks nintendo sens them span its really news an updates.