Thursday, March 02, 2006

Current TV to show consumer generated ads

Today's Ad age has a great article related to this open source marketing thing I'm talking about. Consumers have been making their own ads for a while and now they'll get some airtime on Current TV, the cable channel from VP Al Gore.

I like what the Sony marketing guy said, "Agencies beware,' said Sony's chief marketing officer, Mike Fasulo, who might have been joking. 'It’s a great reinvention. ... These are the folks we want to tap into speaking to each other -- let’s put them to work on their terms, not ours."

I totally agree. Consumer, meet consumer... talk amongst yourself. I'll give you a topic, my product. Go.

I'll just stay back here and I'll listen, plan, adapt and execute accordingly. Thanks

Read the article here (free registration required)

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