Saturday, March 18, 2006

New generation of robots, designed to give the willies.

NY Times writes about the next generation of consumer robots, article here. It's half article, half mega-millionaire's kid's shopping list. One of the new robot toys is a life-like horse

"In a departure from its smaller toys, Hasbro is introducing what it calls a "realistic, life-size" miniature pony, Butterscotch My FurReal Friends Pony, that will be sensitive to light and touch and will embody enough robotics to, among other things, turn its head to see who tickled its ears and shake its head after "eating" its carrot.

It will sniff and whinny and respond to soothing voices when it becomes frightened by the dark or by too much commotion around it, company spokesmen said. And it is made to bear the weight of young children and simulate galloping. Available in the fall, it is expected to cost $300."

I don't know about you, but I tihnk it's cute when a girl hugs her stuffed animal pony and says I love you to it. When the thing has mechanical guts, it gives me the willies. Oh well, maybe I'm getting old.

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