Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Where do you suppose this piggy went?

Continuing with today's theme of pointless visuals, I captured this on a drive:

You know there's gotta be a good story behind this. Lacking one, I'm going to just throw out a few possible storys.

"The Clayton family of Los Angeles put to rest their beloved family pet, Tulip, this morning. There was a brief moment of distress for family members as a memorial bronze statue of the pig, pictured here, was late to the ceremony."

"LA Gymworks announced today that due to budget restraints, they would no longer offer personal trainers. In lieu of this service, the gym has placed a large bronze pig, pictured above, in its lobby. 'It's angry, it's big. I think it speaks for itself.' says manager Cody Smith."

"In an effort to win back voter trust, Washington politicians have officially acknowledged how things get done. A bronze statue of a pig, nicknamed Dubya, will be placed in front of Congress and inscribed with the words, 'Pork for the people."

Yeah, I'm bored. Can you do better?

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