Friday, March 24, 2006

PS3 <3s in-game advertising

I'm just catching up with GDC news right now and the most interesting thing (and probably most relevant to this blog) is from Phil Harrison's keynote. Phil is the EVP of development at Sony. This Next Gen article covers his speech at GDC. Interestingly, Phil talks about everything I've been talking about:

Cash shops:
"He showed how games would become shop windows in and of themselves for new downloaded content paid for by consumers."

Advertising model like TV:
""Games can have the same social currency as a great TV show, like Lost or 24." He also pointed out that in-game advertising will play a significant role in PlayStation 3's future. "This is a tremendous opportunity if handled with sensitivity towards the consumer," Harrison said."

Innovative revenue models and opening up the system for change:
"Furthermore, he talked about subscription models, merchandising and a "direct connection between consumers and game developers," although he didn't delve too deep into the subjects"

Pssstt Phil, have you been reading Branded Newb? Tsk tsk, you should really credit your muse. =P

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