Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Never too early to plan for E3...

Oh this has nothing to do with the company. I'm talking about what I'll be wearing.

Let's see:

There's "I was young and needed the experience points"

There's "The mechanical squirrels are watching"

There's the WoW quest cap

There's Horde Crossing

Not to forget my FFXI times, there's "Decent Challenge"

I did love being a White Mage

All the above available at Cafe Press, keywords Warcraft and FFXI.

Other than the fun of shopping for tees, I'd like to point out that this is a great example of consumer generated media or CGM (I previously wrote about consumer generated ads here). I really don't understand why marketers (and companies in general) don't engage their consumers that are doing this stuff. If positive content like this isn't getting attention, how the heck are consumers with concerns/gripes going to be heard. If someone makes a cool BOTS shirt, I'm telling you right now, I'm going to buy dozens and make every Acclaim employee wear one. Then I'm going to put it on the site and make that fan some dough. Any takers?

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