Saturday, March 04, 2006

Video game legislation tracker, no settling here

Amber Night points to a nifty little hack of Google Maps that shows legislation targeted at video games. Check it out here

I adore this!

(Alright, it doesn't quite make me as giddy as the cheap gas Google Map hack. I haven't yet driven 10 miles to save 10 cents on gas but dang, I like knowing that I have that info if I wanted to).

As I was saying, I adore this! Not just because it provides a list of legislation but because they really didn't have to use Google Maps. A simple chart could have sufficed but someone, let's call this person The Genius, said, "Why don't we put it on Google Maps?"

And then someone else, who obviously got cut off on the freeway earlier in the day and is just a little bit bitter, said, "Can't we just make a list?"

Genius sighs and says, "But think about how cool it'll look. Fine, I'll do it myself."

Thank you The Genius. You are appreciated. Here's a little request. How about an overlay of the legislators that proposed these bills and the actual time they've consumed the content?

Bonus points for me, I found the one in Hawaii!

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