Tuesday, July 04, 2006

File under: Eerily fascinating

Don't you, like, wish you could dress your favorite celebrity?

ME TOO! I mean, I used to totally flip through People and be like, "What is up with Kiera? She's gotta be kidding about that dress!" Don't even get me started! Wha'evs... so anyways, I like found this site. And it's banging news for us! Stardoll.com, you gotta check it out!

Oh yeah, that pic over there is me dressing up Harrison "President Indiana Jack Ryan" Ford! What a pimp!

Hold on a sec.

(Yeah what? Ok... I guess)

So like this nerdy guy next to me here, he wants me to tell you something. Umm he says umm, something about $6 million in investment....

(Huh? What's an adventure capitalist? Vantour? Are you sure its spelled like that? K, what'evs)

He says venture capitalist just dropped 6 big in this site. Something about the same dudes that 'vested in Google. They're going to make money from Michael Payments.


Oh sorry. Micro payments. Selling items like how some games do it? Yeah, he says it's really perkitent. Pertenent. (Ok!) Pertinent to what he always says. He also says he's stupid and hates girls.

(Hey, quit that, it's my turn on the computer!)

I gotta go! BAI!

via Forbes

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