Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sneaky Peeky at Sony's New Ad

Sony is making a sequel to its wildly successful (virally at least) Bravia TV bouncy balls ad. Oh sorry, did you think this was about the PS3? (Via my buddy over at Interstractive, who has a couple more links about it).

Anyways, the first Bravia ad was amazing and now they're going to make another. Not just that, the savvy folks at Sony have also created a blog about the making of the sequel. So far, they've posted up a couple teaser images and stories.

I haven't been excited about a TV ad in a long time (boring old media). So I hate to say this but they've really got me hooked. How they heck are they going to top the first ad?! More bouncy balls? Giant bouncy balls? More giant bouncy balls?! Trying to figure it all out is kinda fun!

Well, here's what I know so far. They've revealed the location of the shoot. A big ugly building in Scotland. Looks pretty bland... like it's ready for some color.

Color eh? Well the blog is full of paint splash imagery. So colorful paint should be involved.

Read this post on the blog and they talk about explosives.

So let's see, big ugly building, colorful paint and explosives.

Here's my guess:

They're going to implode the building after filling the entire thing with paint. The whole building is going to blow up in a colorful SPLAT!

[7/24 Update: The latest post to their blog shows that the building doesn't go SPLAT. What a shame, that building had it coming.]

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